“X Culture is a tribute to diversity, and a testament to the creativity that flows from openness to other cultures. Each piece is a celebration of the composer's own culture, while also embracing the beauty and uniqueness of another. The result is a stunning collection of music that is both profound & moving. Italian composer (Domeniconi) evokes an ancient & mysterious Turkish soundscape ; a Brazilian (Reis) perfectly expresses the nostalgia & yearning of Portuguese song ; a Cuban (Brouwer) takes us to Japan with a colourful exploration of sound and space ; Xuefei features the world-premier of a Chinese dance written for her by an Englishman (Houghton) ; & a Japanese (Sakamoto) composes for a movie intended for Western audiences. The album mirrors my own cross cultural journey, from a place and time with no guitar tradition to becoming a truly international performer, with a rich & culturally diverse repertoire. Join me in exploring this new perspective on the rich tapestry of cultural diversity that makes our world so colourful and unique.”

Xuefei Yang. London, May 2023.

You can listen in Spatial Audio - the recording was made using Dolby Atmos which gives a height dimension to the sound.


"a half-hour recital of exquisite pieces, all sharing the theme of each composer taking inspiration from another culture into their own work"

Artmuse London, February 2024


Release Date: 19th May 2023
Label: Apple Music
Format: digital
Sound: Spatial Audio - Dolby Atmos
Producer: Xuefei Yang
Recording engineer: Ramera Abraham
Location: Tileyard Studios, London
Edit mix and master : Ian Watson
Dolby Atmos master : Jan 'Stan' Kybert


    Top 25 album of 2023, Artmuse London

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