.: Recent events

During November, Xuefei played in China & UK.

Xuefei played a concerto in Hangzhou, China, before returning to the UK for solo recitals in Walthamstow, Wimbledon (for the Wimbledon International Music Festival) and Nottingham.

Enjoy the pictures below ! 

Last updated: 7th December  2012

.: November 2012

Walthamstow, UK 

Xuefei in St. Mary's Church in Walthamstow village ... 

.. giving some background to the pieces to the audience ... 

.. and receiving applause at the end of the concert. 

Wimbledon, UK 

Xuefei welcomed by the audience in Wimbledon. 

The beautiful concert venue. 

Receiving applause from the audience. 

Nottingham, UK 

Xuefei in Nottingham ... 

.... signing autographs after the recital !