.: Recent events

Xuefei appeared in HK and UK.  Xuefei was in HK for the launch of her latest EMI CD, "Sojourn,"  and collaborated in a live performance at the HK Collesium with pop star Eason Chan.  Back in the UK, Xuefei gave recitals at Binham Priory, Guiting, and West Dean.

Enjoy the pictures below ! 

Last updated: 1st September 2013

.: July & August 2013

Xuefei in HK 

Xuefei at a launch event for "Sojourn,"... 

... signing copies of the CD. 

On-stage at the HK Collesium with pop star Eason Chan. 

Xuefei in UK 

The venue : Binham Priory. 

Xuefei at Binham Priory.. 

.. as dusk falls. 

Receiving applause. 

Xuefei on stage at Guiting. 

Xuefei at West Dean with guitarists Mark Ashford (left), Johannes Moller and family, Fabio Zanon (right).