.:  Selected highlights

"Individual performances that stood out were guitarist Xufei Yang’s revelatory account of Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez with the RTÉ NSO under Alan Buribayev."

The Irish Times, Article on the Cultural Highs & Lows of 2011, December 2011

"..the lyrical second movement of the concerto has rarely sounded so intensely emotional and expressive. It is a phenomenal performance, and Yang's sensitivity is matched by the playing of the Orquestre Simfonica and a warm, responsive recording timbre."

Limelight Magazine, March 2011

“The Rodrigo concerto is replete with barely contained explosiveness that recalls Argerich at her best”

Gramophone, February 2011

“With Yang showing a sense of total ownership of this piece [Concierto de Aranjuez], this was one of those performances that was simply revelatory, full of fresh and unexpected turns.”

Michael Dervin, The Irish Times, January 2011

“The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly a stunningly virtuosic arrangement for solo guitar of the G minor Violin Sonata BWV1001, where Xuefei Yang proved to be a most impressive advocate for her instrument.”  

 The Strad Magazine, May 2010 

"Selected as one of Classic FM's "100 Best Artists,"" 

Classic FM, July 2009

"The guitar world has a new star." 

Gramophone, July 2008

"..who is Ms. Yang? A Chinese classical guitarist, and, really, one of the most extraordinary instrumentalists in the world."

New York Sun, June 2008

"She also played the Carnival of Venice by Tarrega, and three pieces by Albeniz, showing in all of them the Spanish style, more than having learned it, is in her blood."

El Periodico, Spain, January 2008

"Ms. Yang demonstrates her feisty virtuosity, impeccable technique and sensitive musicianship in repertory ranging from Albeniz to arrangements of Western pop and Asian songs ... Yang's guitar sings as if she had grown up in the shaded courtyards of Andalusia." 

The New York Times, April 2007

""Xuefei Yang is already among the best guitarists in the world."

Badische Zeitung, (English translation), July 2002 

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.:  Other reviews 2008-2012

"The Halle played host to one of the world’s finest classical guitarists as Beijing-born Xuefei Yang took centre stage for a performance of Rodrigo’s “Concierto de Aranjuez.” The UK-based musician wowed the audience with her precision and feeling."

Oldham Chronicle, January 2012 (Concierto de Aranjuez with Halle Orchestra)

"Aranjuez was played by a first-rate guitarist, who was centre of attention in the slow melancholic movement with a defined and warm touch...."

La Vanguardia, January 2012 (Concierto de Aranjuez with Barcelona Symphony Orchestra)

"Xuefei Yang, using light amplification, played with an alluring marriage of virtuosity and emotionalism, offering cleanly articulated ornamentation and running passages but also deeply felt flamenco expression."

Detroit Free Press, November 2011 (Concierto de Aranjuez with Detroit Symphony Orchestra)

"Yang captured the improvisatory nature of the opening Adagio with elaborate arpeggiation, exquisite ornamentation, and rhythmic flexibility. She clearly articulated each subject entrance in the complex Fuga, while at the same time highlighting Bach’s marvelously varied treatment of rhythm, harmony, counterpoint, and texture and creating a remarkable sense of dramatic momentum. "

San Francisco Classical Voice, October 2011

"Xuefei Yang's performance was exquisite; from the rhythmic spirit and vigour of the first movement to the haunting and melancholic dialogue between guitar and cor anglais of the second, in one of the slowest yet most sumptuous interpretations, spacious and transcendent; pure gold"

Waikato Times, September 2011 (Concierto de Aranjuez, with NZSO)

"Her playing, right from the extended slow opening, captured every nuance of the music - the statuesque flamenco rhythms of the first movement, the deeply expressive song-like character of the second and courtly elegance of the third, all highlighted with passages of brilliant virtuosic playing."

Hawkes Bay Today, August 2011 (Concierto de Aranjuez, with NZSO)

"she is also gifted, with a playing style of delicate, detailed precision that was fundamental to every piece in her recital. Yi Dance, a folk-like tune for festivities, and Butterfly Lovers, inspired by an ancient Chinese love story, were both exquisite in their touching, finely spun tenderness."

The Scotsman,August 2011 (review of Edinburgh Festival recital)

"...the two performers reached true musical parity in Schubert’s Arpeggione Sonata...Yang was in fine form in two solo movements from Albéniz’s Suite Española, and, with Wang, rendered some of their quietest moments with an intensity that hushed the hall."

Financial Times, August 2011

"[Concierto de Aranjuez]...that fire, duende, which is the hallmark of the best interpretations, such as those of Julian Bream (RCA, 8/93), Pepe Romero (Philips or EMI) or, more recently, Xuefei Yang (EMI, 2/11)."

Gramophone Magazine, July 2011

“Bach’s Violin Sonata No 2 in A minor, obviously written with the dexterity of the violin in mind, seemed to gain even more beauty in the arrangement by Xuefei Yang”

 Wiltshire Times, December 2010

“Fei kept us all spellbound with a dazzling performance, not least in a piece by Giulio Regondi whom she described as ‘Paganini of the guitar’ because he composed such impossible pieces to play.”  

 This is Devon, October 2010 

“As meticulous a technician as she is a musician, the Chinese guitarist avoids the rubato-filled affectations so many guitarists espouse and she manages to highlight the individual lines of contrapuntal passages while still maintaining a sense of momentum and rhythmic flow.”

The Washington Post, March 2010

"Her lyrical playing, warm sound and charismatic artistry connect with audiences far beyond the guitar fraternity."

Classic FM Magazine, July 2009

"This lady’s guitar playing is something rather special… so controlled, so disciplined; and so musically emotional. And, where oh where did she learn to play a tango so seductively, so outrageously South Americanly laid back as she did in her final piece by Albeniz...The variety of her playing is monumental… the finely chiselled phrases, the delicately imprinted counter and sub melodies a feature of all her playing.”

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald, June 2009

"The Albeniz and Granados, both transcribed by Yang, are played with exceptional clarity and a degree of poetry that only Julian Bream's account of the Valses Poetiques can match." 

Gramophone, July 2008

"Ms. Yang plays her Spanish music, like her other music, fabulously: with sparkle, clarity, and flair. As I was listening to her in Granados's "Valses poéticos," I thought, "Alicia de Larrocha might play them this way, if she played the guitar.""

New York Sun, June 2008

"Xuefei is a marvellous player and this album is a delightfully entertaining listen." 

Review of 40 Degrees North, Classic FM, June 2008

"Xuefei Yang is taking the guitar world somewhat by storm." 

Audiophile Audition, June 2008

"The Granados is also quite magnificent, with Fei capturing not only the zest but the melancholy that runs through many of these waltzes." 

International Record Review, June 2008

"Chinese soloist Xuefei Yang approached the movements with much intensity and very moving and deep expression. Her interpretation was animated and multi-faceted." 

Rheinpflaz, following performance of Rodrigo's Fantasia para un Gentilhombre, with Deutsche Radio Philharmonie/ Paul Goodwin, April 2008

"The young Chinese guitarist Yang Xuefei warmed the hearts of the audience on the coldest night of the winter with Rodrigo's exotic and touching Concierto de Aranjuez.”

www.lifeofguangzhou.com, February 2008