Colours of Brazil is the fruit of my long-time passion for Brazilian music. A music rich in beautiful melodies, infectious rhythms, and intricate harmonies that is distinctly and recognisably Brazilian. A music in which the guitar plays a central role.

My album celebrates some of the many musicians who shaped Brazilian music during the twentieth century (and some taking it into the twenty-first century) and established the guitar as an important part of this unique sound. It reflects my own personal favourites from the wide and deep pool of Brazilian music.

A few of the names are now internationally recognised but most, whilst celebrated in Brazil, remain little known outside their homeland. It is my desire to bring their memory and music to a wider audience.


Release Date: July 2016
Label: Decca
Format: CD, digital
Producer: Xuefei Yang
Engineer: Arne Akselberg, Abbey Road Studios
Location: Wyastone, Monmouthshire, UK


    Best Instrumental Album of 2016 (HiFi Magazine, Canton Radio)

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